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5 Apps You Need to Know About if You’re a Tech Savvy

5 Apps You Need to Know About if You’re a Tech Savvy

5 digital experience apps

Firstly, to make something clear – a tech savvy stands for “Well informed about or proficient in the use of modern technology, especially computers”. If you find yourself in this definition, then profound your knowledge about modern technology, this time a mobile one and discover some new interesting apps that will enrich your digital experience.


Every tech savvy has a million different accounts: e-mails, social networks and let’s not even start with useful and necessary web services that require registration. Who will remember all those usernames and passwords? Definitely not you since there’s a very helpful app exactly for that purpose.

1Password keeps all your passwords and other sensitive information on one safe place. It helps you create a strong password, store it securely and later on you will be able to easily log in to the websites. Also, this app is smoothly searchable, so you’ll find quickly the information you need. A convenient way to remember your passwords, usernames, addresses and other, especially when there’s a lot of them.

Download 1Password on iOS and Android

File Manager

Different passwords are not the only thing that gives you trouble. You probably need to juggle with various document formats from time to time and that can be tiresome when you cannot view them on your mobile device. In that case, you’d use a handy File Manager.

It allows you to view PDFs, Word documents, Excel documents, images, videos, audio, ZIP/RAR files and more. It’s possible to manipulate your files without difficulty by copying, moving or zipping multiple files. Likewise, they can be sorted by “Name”, “Size”, “Kind” or “Date”.

With File Manager you can also access your documents stored in the cloud. Now you can juggle with all your documents successfully.

Download File Manager on iOS and Android as one of the best digital experience apps

Image to Excel Converter

Speaking of document management, there is one more helpful and innovative app. Nowadays we usually take many pictures of different documents in order to preserve them and not to lose time on retyping data from scratch.

However, they are in some image file format and practically unusable for further editing or sharing, especially data in spreadsheets. Then you’ll need Image to Excel Converter. Just snap a photo of your document and convert it into editable MS Excel file.

It’s possible to convert as many files as you want regardless their size. Take advantage of your pictured invoices, receipts, lists and other documents and give them a new purpose.

Download Image to Excel Converter on iOS and Android as our second choice for best digital experience apps


How about document sharing during meetings? Admit that you would like to go paperless and not to worry if a document is ready, sent or shared with right person. Your wish can come true with the Minute app. This handy app provides effective and above all paperless meetings.

Before the meeting starts, you can use this app to create agenda together with invited attendees and import or share documents from Dropbox, Drive and more. During the meeting, you can work on documents and assign tasks to attendees.

After the meeting, you are able to revise notes and documents or export them to cloud services. A nice new trifle for all tech savvies.

Download Minute on iOS and soon on Android

7 Minute Workout

Finally, it’s important to take care of your body temple, too. If it’s hard for you to find time to go to the gym, then this app is a perfect solution. 7 Minute Workout will become your personal trainer and it will help you get fit or lose weight. This work plan consists of 12 simple exercises to be done in 30 seconds, with 30 seconds between them for rest.

There’s also a voice guidance, so you can focus completely at exercises and not to look at the timer or mobile device. Now it seems difficult to find an excuse for not working out, right?

Download 7 Minute Workout on iOS and Android , this is our editor choice for useful digital experience apps.

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